Japanese luminary leading to a brighter future

Yumex, a trusted discharge lamp manufacturer was founded in 1992. Based on Japanese cutting-edge technology, Yumex has provided outstanding products for Cinema, Theme parks, Event stages, and the exposure process for semiconductors, LED, and PCB. YUMEX Light Sources are proven useful in a wide array of industries such as the biotechnology and medical fields. The possibilities will be infinite, so Yumex strives to continuously improve with recent product developments. Moreover, Yumex aims to produce mercury-free light sources with high-efficiency single-wavelength UV to preserve the environment.

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•Yumex’s Short Arc Xenon Lamps are excellent sources of full visible spectral continuum emissions with extremely high illuminance resembling the natural sunlight, thus producing uniform projection on large screens.

•In between the short arc gap of a few millimeters are discharged emissions from the Xeplasma producing very high illuminance unobtainable by other light sources such as LED.

•Thanks to the better color-rendering properties and gaining a point source with high brightness,  Yumex Short ARC Xenon Lamps are widely used in the entertainment industry such as digital and film projection, studio lighting, and spotlights, as well as industrial needs such as solar simulators and the fishery industry.

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