CinéDigital Manager®

Theater operation on your fingers, Easy!

CineDigital Manager is the ultimate Theater Management System developed by CineDigital Service, one of Europe's major digital cinema system integrators. CineDigital Manager is a very intuitive system combined with a user-friendly interface and it gets essential for your theater’s day-to-day operations.

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CinéDigital Manager TMS Lite Edition & Professional Edition

  1. Theater or Screen view
  2. Monitoring of running show
  3. Monitoring of next scheduled shows
  4. Control of running show (play, pause, stop…)
  5. Control of scheduler status
  6. Macro Execution
  7. Hardware alerts (RAID, projector’s connection)
  8. On the fly Intermission management (program, interrupt…)
  9. Video feedback from IP cameras

Playlist Editor

  1. Playlists Creation
  2. Checking of content integrity
  3. Checking of dependencies between content
  4. Checking of KDM validity
  5. Display of content location
  6. Content filtering by location, type and keyword
  7. Centralized management of playlists and content
  8. Sub-playlists Creation (packs)
  9. Automatic import of advertising packages

  1. Centralized deletion of playlists and content
  2. Manual selection or criteria-based automatic selection
  3. Equipment selection for deletion

  1. View as weekly calendar
  2. Highlighting of problematic sessions (content missing, invalid or missing KDM, etc.)
  3. Show creation and deletion per day or per week
  4. Duplication of schedule by days
  5. View as daily calendar
  6. Automatic transfer of missing content
  7. Automatic transfer of scheduled playlists
Playlist and content transfer

  1. Possibility to choose date and time of each transfer
  2. Monitoring of transfer progress
  3. Content filtering by location, type and keyword
  4. Automatic transfer of dependent content (Original Version, Version Files)
  5. Unlimited number of scheduled transfers
  6. Checking of content integrity
  7. Transfer from libraries to servers, and from servers to libraries
  8. Automatic transfer of missing content
KDM Management

  1. Displaying KDM with colors according to their status (valid, due to expire, exired…)
  2. Automatic KDM retrieval from an email address
  3. Manual Transfer of valid KDM to servers
  4. Automatic or Manual deletion of non-valid or expired KDM
  5. KDM filtering by location and keyword
  6. Automatic Transfer of valid KDM to servers
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