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Audio is the life of QSC. Since its humble beginnings in 1968 in a small garage in Costa Mesa, California, we’ve always set our sights on empowering performers and entertainment providers with exceptional products and unparalleled support, giving them the confidence to deliver memorable experiences for their audiences. Today, QSC is a leading manufacturer and global innovator with R&D, manufacturing, sales, marketing, support, and operations teams across multiple continents — light years ahead of that startup company selling hand-built power amplifiers assembled on wood and steel benches one-by-one from the back of a van. But no matter our size or scale, we remain grounded in our commitment to amplifying life through sound.

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Q-SYS for Cinema

"If it has an IP address, it can be controlled by Q-SYS"

The power of the Q-SYS goes far beyond its ability to serve as your cinema processor. With custom APIs and plugins, the unparalleled flexibility of Q-SYS extends its capabilities to other important functions and subsystems within the modern cinema complex


CX-Q Network Amplifiers

The new CX-Q Series network amplifiers are the culmination of QSC’s legacy of robust power amplifiers, advancements in high-efficiency output devices to provide dozens of channel configuration options, and the state-of-the-art network transport, control and monitoring of the Q-SYS Ecosystem for cinema applications. The CX-Q line includes three 4-channel models and two 8-channel models, each capable of delivering robust, high-fidelity power to drive a wide range of loudspeaker configurations. By simply connecting the amplifiers via standard layer 3 Ethernet, the Q-SYS Core can route digital audio to/from the amps, as well as provide total control and monitoring of all amplifier functions.


The World’s Most Complete Cinema Loudspeaker Line

QSC offers the industry’s most varied and comprehensive line of cinema loudspeakers. While each of our loudspeakers is designed to handle a specific customer need, all are conceived and constructed to the same high standards. Not every room can justify a premium system, but every audience deserves loudspeakers that fully and accurately reproduce the soundtrack crafted by the filmmakers. And that’s the only kind of loudspeakers we make.

The Digital Cinema Series (DCS) includes 2-, 3-, and 4-way screen channel loudspeakers as well as surrounds and subwoofers. It’s a diverse collection, but every model embodies QSC attention to detail in design and construction. The result is the smartest loudspeaker line in cinema, starting with a host of innovations built into our screen channel lines:

Easy pan-tilt assembly — The pan-tilt mechanism for mid-high components makes quick work of assembling and aligning screen channel systems. The assembly is labeled for repeatability and features a notched tilt adjustment to maintain vertical alignment.

 CineSight™ speaker aiming — An exclusive integrated sight that works even after the screen has been installed, CineSight allows fast, accurate aiming without having to remove the driver.

Maximum-intelligibility midrange — The broad-range mid-frequency driver in 3- and 4-way DCS systems keeps key speech frequencies together for superb dialog intelligibility

Convergent mid-high coverage — A built-in tilt to the high-frequency horns on 3- and 4-way systems provides more even convergence with the midrange pattern, ensuring optimum seatingarea coverage.

Speaker-optimized EQ presets — Model-specific DSP presets in ou DPM, DCM, and Q-SYS™ processors optimize our loudspeakers for great performance right out of the box.

Driver protection and equalization — The driver protection and equalization network in our screen channel systems improves reliability by protecting HF drivers against damaging DC or low frequency signals.

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