On/Off-line Ticketing Solution

PetiteCine is a brand of Cinema Specialized Ticketing Solution developed by Yuyu Korea. Developed by the requests from the theaters, PetiteCine adopts most features and functions that indie or mid-sized theaters essentially needed. Also, PetiteCine is budget-friendly to support all theaters.

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Make your box office SMART!

With PetiteCine, mid-sized theaters or indie theaters enable them to manage their ticketing system. PetiteCine provides complete assistance for cinema-related operations such as operation dashboards, movie management, scheduling, sales management, analytics, and score verification. This solution gives the capability for ticket sales features to be implemented across a website, mobile app and counter-sales platform to sell tickets for the movie screening at your cinema. What makes this system so special is that it handles all this in real-time where a seat reservation is updated immediately across all the online booking platforms. This ensures that multiple tickets for the same seat are not ever sold.

Intuitive operation dashboards

Movie management and scheduling

Score verification

Sales balance management

Quick booking and booking management

Online booking and sales

Price management

Distributor fee calculation

Bulletin and notice management

Membership management

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