CineAppo Laser Upgrade Module
The best way to upgrade your theater

CineAppo is the leading company of laser display technology for the Cinema industry.  Based on the cutting-edge solution of the patented technology and the abundant market, CineAppo has made substantial growth continuously. CineAppo is the only company to provide the laser phosphor lighting module of over 20,000 lumens for digital Cinema projectors in the world.
What is “Laser Upgrade”?

CineAppo Laser Upgrade means boosting the image quality of your theaters by the replacement of the current xenon light source of projectors with a CINEAPPO ALPD® laser light source. Thanks to the state-of-art technology by ALPD, the CINEAPPO laser upgrade gives the benefits such as…

* Better image quality after using a DCI-certified ALPD® laser light source.
* More energy-efficient and environment-friendly than xenon lamps.
* Long service life of 30,000 hours.
* No more cost to replace xenon lamps
* No hassles about bulbs
* Easy to maintain.
* Improve the brightness to prolong the projectors' lifetime.
Laser Module specification

The basic specifications for all CINEAPPO laser modules are

• Color Gamut: DCI standard
• Contrast ratio: 2000:1
• Light Source Service Life: 30,000 hours
• Operating Environment Temperature: 10~35℃

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Module CodeE06-B206E
Light Output5,000lm
Power Consumption550W

Module CodeE10-B210S
Light Output10,000lm
Power Consumption1.0kW

Module CodeE12-B212C
Light Output12,000lm
Power Consumption1.2kW

Module CodeE15-B215C
Light Output15,000lm
Power Consumption1.35kW

Module CodeE20-B220C
Light Output20,000lm
Power Consumption1.86kW

Module CodeE19-B2XXB
Light Output18,000lm
Power Consumption1.5kW

Module CodeE25-B2XXB
Light Output25,000lm
Power Consumption1.86kW

Module CodeE30-B2XXB
Light Output30,000lm
Power Consumption2.5kW

Module CodeE40-B2XXB
Light Output38,000lm
Power Consumption3.4kW

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Module CodeE10-C2210
Light Output10,000lm
Power Consumption1.0kW
CP2215 / 2415

Module CodeE15-C2215
Light Output15,000lm
Power Consumption1.4kW
CP2220 / 2420 / 4220 / 4420

Module CodeE20-C2220
Light Output20,000lm
Power Consumption1.76kW
CP2230 / 4230

Module CodeE35-C2230
Light Output33,000lm
Power Consumption3.1kW

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Module CodeX20-N2000
Light Output20,000lm
Power Consumption1.8kW
NC3200 / 3240

Module CodeX35-N3200
Light Output33,000lm
Power Consumption2.9kW
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