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Father of today’s high-output pro-ribbon technology

Alcons Audio is one of Europe’s leading developers and manufacturers of professional sound systems. All of the company’s speakers and amplifiers/processors are developed and manufactured in-house, combining traditional craftsmanship with the latest technologies, materials, and production processes. Alcons Audio does not strive for revolutionary ideas, it provides evolutionary solutions. Excellent sound and build quality are key to every product in Alcons Audio, with a strong focus on compact, flexible, and ‘smart’ solutions.

Alcons Cinema Series

The cinema market is on the brink of a new era; the digitalization of media has now also entered the cinema experience. The long-awaited Digital Cinema "non-compressed" audio standard brings new opportunities, but in order to meet the intentions of the standard, new thinking is required.

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Pro-ribbon Technology

Ribbon drivers feature extremely low distortion, only 1/10th of the THD of existing (compression or dome) drivers. Because of the different working principle, a ribbon driver does not have a "compression threshold", maintaining the same tonal balance at all sound pressure levels. The flat-response caters to increased "gain-before-feedback" even in the most critical circumstances.

The RBN-series pro-ribbon drivers are the only ribbon transducers delivering real 90° horizontal coverage (patented). The wide dispersion, combined with the natural cylindrical wave pattern, makes them ideal for line-array applications.

Cinema Solution

New challenges require new thinking: Understanding the relationship between speaker and amplifier, Alcons Audio now brings an evolutionary Digital Cinema sound system program, with speakers, amplifiers, and dedicated processing.

Specifically looking at the “end” of the B-chain, current speaker systems are not suitable for reproduction of what non-compressed digital sound sources have to offer; Not only frequency response, but also the transient response is an essential “ingredient” for detail and (speech)intelligibility. And the dynamic response is essential in Digital Cinema reproduction, with a 24-bit dynamic range. Note that all current sound systems are still based on 90-year-old (compression) driver loudspeaker technology for mid/high-frequency reproduction!

Alcons Audio's R&D has taken up the challenge of implementing her know-how to design new cinema sound solutions from the ground up to enhance the Digital Cinema experience.
Alcons' pro-ribbon transducer technology enables a non-compressed 1:1 reproduction of the movie soundtrack, from the most delicate vocals to even the most enormous explosions. The unusually high peak power handling caters to a 1:15 dynamic range.

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