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Y    U    Y    U    K    O    R    E    A

Together with state-of-the-art cinema manufacturers,
Yuyu Korea has stably stayed as one of the top 3 cinema system integrators in the Korean Cinema industry since established.
Our innovative minds never stop.
Based on the 50 year-cinema-heritage and 6 innovative patents,
Yuvu Korea promises to provide the best products and the most reliable customer service to meet every need and request of you.
Thank you.

NAME                                         YUYUKOREA Co.,LTD.
C.E.O                                           KIM HUYN SOO
Established                    July, 30th, 2010
Annual Sales (2020)      7.8 Mio USD (9.8Bio KRW, Including subsidiaries)
                                                                                                              Number of Employees    24 Employees (Including subsidiaries)

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